Worldpay Zinc – Take Payments on Smartphone

Ulster Bank are pleased to partner with Worldpay as they launch a new ‘Pay as you go’ Merchant Services Mobile product in Northern Ireland.

Terry Robb heads up the local Ulster Bank Business Centre and he commented that “Ulster Bank are pleased to partner with Worldpay, our Debit & Credit Card Payments Acceptance (Merchant Services) partner, to provide fast, simple, secure, pay as you go payments using a Chip & Pin keypad and App.”  Terry further commented that “this is a new and exciting product that will bring choice and convenience to businesses that would like to review how they accept payments”. Terry highlighted the key features of the Worldpay Zinc product and some comments from customers who have started to use this product.













Key Features:

* No Monthly fees or lengthy contracts

* Chip & Pin keypad only £79.99 and pay as you go at 2.75% per payment

* Option to pay monthly only £5.99 at 1.95% per payment

* Money in the customer’s bank account usually within 3-4 business days

* Customers can also take payments over the phone using the Worldpay Zinc online portal

* Customers can track their payments with ease through the App or Online


What customers are saying about Zinc:

* It’s a chance to do business and get paid outside of my normal working envionment

* Cash is king but I’ll never miss out on a sale if can take Card payments too.

* Having Zinc reduces the amount of cash held at my place of business, which is always a security concern.

* Works for my business wherever I am.

* Clients can pay me on the spot wherever we are.

* I just ‘Zinc’ it, card in, pin number, done!


Contact: If you wish to learn more about this product contact Terry Robb on 07766 071082 or at

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