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THE Ballymena BID and the Ballymena Borough Chamber of Commerce and Industry recently ran their first ‘BID for Business’ event on ‘customer experience’. The first of four events took place in the Adair Arms on Thursday 22 September 2016.

The Ballymena BID and the Ballymena Borough Chamber of Commerce and Industry recently ran their first ‘BID for Business’ event on ‘customer experience’. Pictured at the event in the Adair Arms are Andy Storey, Vice Chairman Ballymena BID and store manager of Boots, Alison Moore, BID Manager, Claire Wilson, keynote speaker and area manager of Boots and Chris Wales, Business Development Manager, Ballymena Borough Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The keynote speaker was Claire Wilson, area mananger of Boots and she took the opportunity to talk about customer experience and how four key drivers gives businesses the competitive advantage.

“In today’s busy environment the customer experience is vital if you want people who visit your store to return,” commented Claire Wilson.

“It’s no longer just about the buying of an item, your customer has to enjoy the experience of being in your shop. There are four key drivers that will help any business move forward and deliver a positive customer experience: navigation, the ability to find items in your store, innovation; utilising technology to enhance the customer experience, team; ensuring they are bought into the company’s vision and know their role in it and lastly, feedback.

“Be open to feedback it is a gift. If it is harsh feedback reflect on it, it might be more beneficial than you think. After all word of mouth is the best way to promote a business which can be created by two things – surprise and delight me – or anger. Creating advocates through a good customer experience will always prove to be a positive experience.”

Chris Wales, Business Development Manager of Ballymena Borough Chamber of Commerce said, “We are delighted with the attendance at this event, particularly as it is the first of four business events and everyone seemed to enjoy it and take some valid learning points away with them.”

Andy Storey, store manager of Boots and Vice Chariman of Ballymena BID said; “It was great to see such a good turnout at the ‘customer experience’ event and I hope it was of benefit to all who attended.  We are committed to helping all of our local retailers in conjunction with Ballymena Borough Chamber of Commerce and through the healthy high streets programme which we are part of through Business in the Community NI.  Following the ‘customer experience’ event we are also holding three more over the coming months which I’d encourage all BID members to attend.”

Alison Moore BID Manager closed the event and commented, “I would like to thank Claire Wilson, Boots area manager for giving freely of her time and expertise today. It was a very worthwhile talk and one where I’m sure we will all take some value from it.”

Mrs Moore also thanked the Chamber for organising the event on behalf of Ballymena BID. BID for Business will also run the following events:

Business Crime Breakfast, Thursday 10th November, 7.30am

Digitalising your Business Breakfast, Thursday 23rd February, 7.30am

Marketing your Business Breakfast, Thursday 27th April, 7.30am

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